The Great Northeast Mural Hunt

April 1 Kickoff
at Recovery Bike Shop

2:00 - 3:30 Check in and check up for your bike
(Free famous pretzel's from Aki's!)
3:30 Bike tour of the Chamber's new murals
5:00 - 8:00 DJ Disco Death at Fair State
This will include a special beer introduced for the occasion.

April 30 Finale
at Recovery Bike Shop

1:00 - 2:30 Free Football Pizza and bike repair
2:30 Bike tour of the Chamber's new murals
4:00 Fair State beer and more food
4:30 Hear from the artists!
5:00 Giveaways, prizes, awards, swag bags, yay!
5:15 DJ Jānis

Introducing the 4th annual Great NE Mural Hunt. Every morning of 30 Days of Biking (April) we’ll post a bit of one of Northeast's incredible murals on Instagram @RecoveryBikeShop. Your job is to figure out where the mural is located and venture there on your bike.

Create your own Instagram post and tag @RecoveryBikeShop. 5 posts gets you the 2023 mural merit patch (above). (Grid posts, please. Stories often expire before we get to see and count them.)

The city of Minneapolis and the Northeast Mpls Chamber of Commerce paid for and installed seven new murals on Central Ave last year. Recovery Bike Shop received one of those murals. This is the celebration of that work.

To earn the merit patch, you can post 5 days in a row or hit 5 in one day. Doesn't matter. Just get out there and ride!

For anyone that visits all 30 mural checkpoints, we are working on a swag bag of what might actually turn out to be a pretty sweet collection of gifts from Reco, the Chamber, and several other businesses and orgs in Northeast. Stay tuned.

But don’t do it for the prizes. Do it for the art. Do it for the exercise and the fresh air. Do it for the planet. Do it for yourself. Most important, take THE PLEDGE and do it for 30 Days!

Join the celebration by following @RecoveryBikeShop and #iBikeNE. Use these tags to tell your 30 Days of Biking story and see what all of us are up to this month.

And wear your helmet!

The Northeast Mpls Arts District

We live in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, the greatest Mpls district in the world.

In a time when communities everywhere are trying to reorient away from the car focused city to the human-scaled 15 minute neighborhood, Northeast has a HUGE head start.

Never mind that NE is littered in community-focused small businesses, cooperatives, and non-profits. Never mind our parks and the river walks. Never mind the history and the powerful stories that have created Northeast.

We have art.

We are surrounded by intentional beauty and passion and the expression of the human experience. A walk in Nordeast can't help but encounter meaningful works from muralists and sculptors and poets and visionaries. We have entire buildings dedicated to the development and preservation of these resources in our community.

Public art is kind of a magical thing. It's that rare gift with no strings attached. Even a Christmas present is received with the question mark of reciprocation. But a mural, painted on a wall, displayed on a public street is received anonymously. It does not even offer the viewer the opportunity to reciprocate.

What a thing.

Someone, somewhere thought the world would be a cooler place with a giant pink llama looking down on us from above. We may agree or disagree, but they poured money and sweat and time and passion and humanity into that llama and eventually, voila!, a work of art...for anyone to enjoy (or question).

The artist doesn't stick around to take credit for the work. They don't stand there and see how people react. 99% of the interactions with their work produce absolutely no feedback for the artists at all, no return, not even warm fuzzies.

Public art is a gift, freely given and, even more precious, freely received. So let this month be one of gratitude and celebration for the gifts among us.

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