Join Us

We have spent the last several days on the streets of Minneapolis delivering free bike repair in the communities hardest hit by the turmoil following the killing of George Floyd.

We've connected with and helped scores of people. We have also determined that this is not the most efficient way to reach the communities we hope to serve.

As of today, we are passing the baton. Venture North has been and will continue to be on Lake Street and other locations delivering free bicycle repair.

And Full Cycle has designed and implemented a free bicycle program for anyone in need. These shops (and others) are doing a fantastic job. Please support them in this effort.

In turn, we are pausing our on-the-street repairs so that we have time to regroup and refocus on our mission of creating accessible transportation. Our ambition is to return to the streets with coordinated partnerships and a long term sustainable plan that creates the maximum impact.

In broad strokes, it is still our hope to create a continuously operating mobile bicycle shop for the bike shop deserts of Minneapolis.

Thank you to all of our supporters who gave us time and treasure in this effort! You continue to be the best side of our city. We could not have done this without you and we continue our work by your grace.

Please stay tuned!

At this time we are not accepting donations for this effort, but we still need justice. We still need peace. We still need love.

Join us.